9 Beauty Hacks / Tips – You Need To Know

Beauty hacks-


♦  Green, for the natural glow

Natural glow→  To be healthy and fresh,make a detox drink by mixing-cucumber,cilantro,parsley,green apple,lemon.


♦ Reduce eye swelling with H2o

→  As you get up early in the morning,wash your eyes with cold water, it helps to reduces eye swelling.

♦ Long lasting lipstick


To wear your lipstick last longer,add some matching colour eye shadow to it. It gives a last longer effect and also gives matte look to your lipstick.

♦ Eye Makeup remover

→ With your make remover add a drop of coconut oil and apply it to your closed eye,and remove your eye makeup with more ease and it removes it completely without giving any harmfull effect.

♦ Airbrush look at home

→  Swirl your makeup brush in light circles fr om your cheekbone to the hairline in the upward diection,this gives a perfect .

♦Eye and Lip pencil

eye tips

→ The less soft are your lip and eye pencil is ,give the best look ever.For that if you feel your eye and lip pencil is creamy and soft,before sharpen them leave them in the fridge for an hour and use it after.

♦Use face oil

natural glow→ For natural glow use face oil instead of face powder before applying foundation.Take 2-3 drops of face oil on your cheeks and Apply foundation later to have a supernatural glow.

♦ Take off glitter with felt fabric

glitter→  If you love glittery nail polish but at the time removing,it get stciks to your nail like forever . Don’t worry here is a solution for that,to remove it completely -use felt fabric rather than cotton’.it works gentle.

♦ Get matte look ON NAILS in seconds

mette-look-on-nails→  Put two coats of nail polish ,and don’t let them dry.When they are still wet hold your nails over a steam coming from the food you are cooking like boiling something, pasta, macroni anything.

Hold your nails on that steam for 3-4 seconds by keeping your hand away from water of the boiling beaker. See the magic of turning your glossy nails paints to new Matte look.

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