5 Things You Are Doing WRONG With Your MAKEUP – Know Your Mistakes

Makeup essential tips-everyone should know

1- Eyeliner

→  While putting eyeliner, put these things in your mind

♦ Avoid making a long line,

♦ Winked doesn’t suit on everyone

♦ Don’t make it too thick

♦ To have a perfect eyeliner – use TAPE

Just cut a small piece of tape and place it near your eye ,and angle it towards your temple.

Then take your eyeliner and smoothly make a perfect line.

2- Foundation

♦  Always remember while choosing the right foundation for yourself,

♦  Choose that fits and goes with your skin type and color.

♦  “Find a shade that fits “

If you go with a different shade that does not go with your skin color, your skin will look even darker and dusty.

SO “Find a shade that fits “

3- Lipstick

Lipstick gives you a perfect and complete look, so it important to know how to wear lipstick.

♦  While applying lipstick, make sure to make a lip line before.

♦  Choose a lip liner that goes with your lipstick shade.

♦  Lip line doesn’t let lipstick go outside your lips and will let you look even more professional and beautiful.

4- Blush

Stay subtle.

♦  Just don’t blush your whole cheeks, stay subtle while using blusher.

5- Highlighter

Highlighter completes your look.

♦  But do not forget to always highlight only those points of your face that needs to get highlighted like your cheekbone and nose.

♦  People sometimes also highlight their eyebrows part, but doing this will give you fake look.

♦  So if you want to look for natural use highlighter partially.



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